Eventually glasses will become less useful and the visual symptoms more frustrating. Cataracts are mostly seen in people over 60 years of age. However occasionally they do occur in younger people and even children. Those effected by diabetes, eye inflammation, trauma or some drugs such as steroids can have accelerated cataract growth. If necessary our surgeons will remove the cataract from the eye and replace it with a customized implant. These implants usually reduce some of the patients pre-existing refractive error resulting in improved visual performance. Implants can be utilized to reduce astigmatism as well as to improve both distance and reading vision.

Why choose Southcoast Ophthalmology?

Our mission is to remain at the forefront of technology and clinical research to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Our clinics are equipped with the latest state of the art technology and our experienced team ensure a thorough work up to customize the most appropriate surgery and implant for your visual needs.

What to expect

Surgery is performed in the public system at the Shoalhaven Memorial Hospital and this often has a waiting period of up to twelve months. For those who hold private insurance or those who choose to have surgery undertaken quicker than the public hospital system our surgeons also operate at Nowra Private Hospital  or the Shellharbour Private Hospital. Phacoemulsification (cataract operation) is usually performed under local anaesthetic with a light sedation. In most routine cases the duration of surgery is less than half an hour. In our experience the recovery period is relatively pain free and rapid. The patient is required to insert drops for a few weeks, use ointment and a night time shield until the eye is back to normal

Potential Complications

If you are experiencing significant pain or sustained blurry vision after your surgery you should contact our office for appropriate advice and so we can organize expeditious follow up. Some increase in dry eye symptoms  such watering and glare are commonly encountered after surgery and are usually only a short term problem. Our team will advise you on helpful measures that are needed to improve this situation.