1. Why should I see a Specialist Medical Doctor?
    An Ophthalmologist is a specialist medical doctor and surgeon who is able to diagnose, medicate and operate on eye problems. Our clinicians have many years of experience and training to provide you with state of the art care.
  2. How do I make an appointment:
    Our hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday in Nowra, and Monday 9am to 4pm in Kiama. You can call our rooms on (02)4421 0155 or (02) 4233 1000 to make an appointment.
  3. Do I need a referral?
    Yes you do. For services provided by a Specialist Eye Doctor, to be able claim a Medicare rebate for the consultation it is a requirement that you must have evidence of a referral from a Medical Specialist, General Practitioner or an Optometrist.
  4. How long does my referral last?
    Specialist Doctor referrals last 3 months and referrals by a GP or Optometrists last 12 months.
  5. What do I bring on my visit?
    – Current Referral from either a GP or Optometrist.
    – Details of who needs to receive correspondence if different from your referring doctor.
    – Any Reading or Long Distance Glasses you are currently wearing.
    – Any relevant test results, scans or relevant information.
    – List of any Medications you are currently taking.
    – Medicare or DVA card.
    – Pension or Health Care Card.
    – Private Health Insurance details if applicable.
  6. What happens to my records?
    Your medical record is uploaded to our secure data with the utmost respect of your privacy. Our staff are bound by strict confidentiality requirements as a condition of employment. We can only release the contents of your medical file to a third party with your written consent and permission.
  7. How long will my visit take?
    Patients should expect a minimum of one hour from appointment time to completion.  With our doctors providing  public hospital emergency cover they can be involved in the management of urgent cases and as a result sometimes your wait can be longer. We appreciate your patience in these unforeseen circumstances.
  8. How do I make contact after hours?
    Should patients require urgent attention after hours the Shoalhaven Hospital Emergency Department on (02) 4421 3111. They will be able to provide details of which Ophthalmologist is on call.


  1. Will my eyes be dilated?
    Usually on the first appointment. This is necessary to allow for a complete examination of the total ocular anatomy. It is advisable to bring sunglasses and a driver.
  2. How long am I unable to drive after an operation?
    Usually seven days unless advised differently by our optometrist or surgeons.
  3. Who prescribes glasses after surgery?
    Unless advised by your doctor we recommend your regular optometrist should prescribe and order your new glasses after any surgical procedure.