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Oxervate gains FDA approval

The FDA has approved Oxervate for treatment of neurotrophic keratitis. It contains recombinant human nerve growth factor and has been found to greatly facilitate the healing and repair of corneal epithelial cells. It may also improve corneal innervation and increase tear production.

MIGS minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

Micro stents can now be inserted inside the eye to improve the eyes natural ability to drain fluid. Patients can often reduce the requirement for topical pressure lowering drops as a result. The  procedure is done often in combination with cataract surgery and is now a proven and effective treatment option.

Exercise for the Vision Impaired

Achilles International is an international not for profit organization that provides support and guidance for vision impaired individuals who wish to excercise or enjoy outdoor activity like walking. Able bodied volunteers act as guides for the vision impaired to allow them to excercise safely.

For more info and advice on how to get involved contact.


Dr McDonald and Dr Hamilton will be in Vienna in September attending the European retinal meeting. We are awaiting the results of the LEAD trial which will be released here regarding potential treatments for dry ARMD.